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The Last Day of 6th Grade at
Longfellow Middle School
(Point at images to see the info)

Stephanie G. - Angela - Christina M. - KarisaAmanda G.Mrs. KnightJessica and BarbieJessica getting mad at AdrianSAY C H E E E E S E ! ! ! ! !Mrs.CastroStephanie: Oh no! We're about to be crushed by a giant FINGER!!!PattyLesaRayStephanie R. hugging Stephanie G.Dustin with sugarglider on his chestDustin with sugarglider on his backJessica and Melinda keeping Mrs.Gonzales out of room.Mrs.Gonzales' empty room.George being comforted after breakup :(Karisa playing with Stephanie's hair.Mrs.GonzalesBarbieBarbie Melinda and Jessica  SMOOCH!!Me (Amy) by mine and Dominique's locker

See you next year!
Love AMY