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Crappie Fishing

  Crappie fishing is best in the spring but can be done year round! Most people thing that Crappie can only be caught in the spring which is not always true. Reason being is that during their spawning season they are very aggressive feeders which is the fisherman's opportunity to reap the benefits and go home with a heavy stringer. If you learn the different techniques for fishing for crappie in the "Off season" you will be able to catch these delectable fish all year round.

**Manuel Z**



 The BLACK CRAPPIE also known as:
 Pomoxis nigromaculatus

 The BLACK CRAPPIE usually spawns in May and June; however, during an extended winter,  spawning can be delayed until June or July. The best spawning temperatures range from 63 to 69 F. The male makes a nest in sand or fine gravel using its tail to sweep out the nest, He guards the nest and cares for the fry until they begin to feed on their own.

THE CATCH: The black crappie caught on light tackle is a great and exciting challenge. Their mouths are very delicate so care must be taken in landing them. The bait must be moving constantly to be successful. The best baits are small minnows, small jigs, realistic rubber minnows, or small flies (Fly fishing lures) cast along the outer edges of weed beds. The crappie lies in weed beds in deep water during the day and bite best in early morning or toward evening. In summer, with the abundance of small fish for feed, they are more difficult to catch. Small live minnows are the best winter bait.



The WHITE CRAPPIE also known as:
 Pomoxis annularis

 The WHITE CRAPPIE has many less spots than the black crappie
it also has what seem to be stripes which is a characteristic absent on the black crappie. Spawning season is May through July in nest colonies from 1.5-6 feet deep. Males build a disc-shaped nest near vegetation and defend the nest against intruders. They spawn by touching bellies and releasing several thousand eggs (female) and milt (male) simultaneously. Eggs hatch in a few days. Crappie live to about five years of age.

THE CATCH: White Crappie fishing is popular in the spring and winter. Find a place with sunken logs, brush piles and vegetation close to shore. In summer, try deep holes or river channels with sunken logs or brush piles in the early morning or evening. The trick is to keep the bait moving constantly by jigging it gently. Use light tackle and a sensitive rod. small minnows, small jigs, plastic minnows or small flies cast out or trolled along the outer edges of weed beds. Use small live minnows in the winter.

**Manuel Z**