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Still working on gathering the information....

Actual Gigging Techiques and info is soon to come!

Build your own DEE's GIG:
By: Phillip Dees

Phillip Dee's Gig idea

I used a plain wooden paint roller handle (about 5' long), a fiberglass
insulation rod that you can get at a feed store. The fiberglass rod is about
3/8" diameter and white.  I used a hacksaw to cut the fiberglass rod down to
about 18".
At the end of the roller handle I drilled a 7" deep hole with a 3/8" drill
bit. You have to be careful to get the hole perfectly in the center and keep
it centered as you drill it into the wood.  When I had the hole drilled I
used the hacksaw to cut across the rod at 90 degree angles about 6" down. 
fill the hole with wood glue or a slimy adhesive of your choice and insert
the fiberglass rod. 
The purpose of the 'X' in the end of the wood is so you can use wire,
string, or a rubber type tape to compress the wood around the fiberglass
rod.  I have a compression tape used in the Electrical Utilities industry
that works wonderful.  I then topped that with a "friction tape" that is a
cloth style tape that is coated with a tar like compound that seals great. 

The fiberglass rod can be sharpened with any old file and is quite strong
and resilient. 

If you want to add a barb I recommend drilling a hole at a 45 to 60 degree
angle about 3" from the tip and using a nail that you can epoxy in, however
I have found that it isn't really necessary.
Thanks Phil!

Here is my drawing for a box to Un-Gig your catch.
Box for un-gigging your flounder