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Jugline Fishing with a 3 litre bottle

By: Manuel Z

"Juglining" is as simple as tying a 3 Litre bottle, Milk Jug, Or whatever is available to some fishing line. Add a few hooks and a weight at the bottom to keep your bait at the desired depth, You can even set your lines down at the bottom if you like. It all depends on what type of fish you'd like to catch.

My Methods: On occasion when I'm lake fishing for Stocked Redfish. The best depth I've found for Redfish is between 18 and 22 feet deep using Crawfish, Shrimp, Live Perch or Shad for bait. If you plan on going after Channel or Blue catfish, use cut bait or shrimp on the bottom. If you want to catch a Bullhead or Yellow Catfish you have to use LIVE BAIT!! Be careful of catching GAR, A Gar is like an alligator with fins instead of legs.

Remember: "Match your Catch" This means if you plan on catching BIG FISH...Use BIG BAITS, BIG HOOKS and BIG LINE! There are some Monster Catfish lurking the depths of most lakes. Of corse this type of fishing would require a Boat, Raft, Canoe or some way to get to the free floating jug...and catching it if there is a BIG FISH on it!

Tip: Some people put out their juglines just after dark and leave them till morning or every couple hours go out and check them. I call this "Concession Stand Fishing". You sit around telling fish stories and everyone goes out to check their jugs at the same time...This keeps everyone honest!

Note: Other people will grab one of your jugs if it's bobbing up and down and no one is in site to keep dishonest fishermen from taking your catch.

Safety Tip: Put some reflective tape around your jugs if you plan on fishing at night with them. Another good idea is to put your name on them...And as always. CHECK YOUR STATE REGULATIONS!!!!!

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