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Still fishing is just what it sounds like... You're standing still fishing in front of yourself. Good old fashioned "Hook, Line & Sinker" Weather it be from the bank, boat, pier or just fishing in a pond. There is little or no effort involved other than just sitting back, relaxing and waiting for a nibble or a little wiggle of your bobber. I'll explain the different methods with the assumption that you have a basic knowledge of setting up your fishing rigs for the water body you plan to fish.

**Manuel Z**

PIER FISHING: Check for wind direction or water flow. sometimes you can actually fish the pilings under the pier (Pier legs) by letting your line flow with the water or using a bobber and letting it blow under the pier with the breeze.

BOAT FISHING: Anchor your boat, If you have two anchors, first put out the anchor with the longest rope leaving it slack then put out the short line and make sure it grabs the bottom. Pull up the slack on the long rope which will keep your boat from swaying in the wind.


BANK FISHING: For holding your rod you can grab a twig shaped like a "Y" and stick it into the ground then lay your Fishing rod into the crotch of the "Y". Make sure your drag is set loose enough that the fish biting your bait hook will only pull line out and won't take your rod with it. you can use your rods clicker or clip on a rod bell to let you know when your getting a bite. Make sure you have plenty of food, drinks, bug spray and whatever else you think you may need, especially a comfortable chair, maybe even a blanket to lay out on the ground. even though you aren't in a boat. If you don't know what the lake or pond bottom is like WEAR A CGA (Coast Guard Approved) LIFE JACKET if you plan on wading out into the water.

**Manuel Z**