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- Fishing with a TELESCOPING pole -
By Manuel Z
Updated: November 11, 2001

Here are some fishing tips I have for this particular method. Try and buy yourself a telescoping pole anywhere from 12 to 15 feet in length. Some have guides and others only have a small single guide at the end. These poles have a place to wind your main line on the handle that looks like this:

  Telescoping pole set-up

There are some poles with a tiny reel built into the end of the handle.

I set my pole up with 30 pound line. On the end of the line I slide up a 1/2 ounce slip sinker, it can be Egg or Bullet shaped. Then I slip on a bead, (This is your choice) I then tie on a snap swivel. That's it for my Main rig.
On the way to fish or the night before get about twenty 1/0 or 2/0 wire hooks or if you prefer 1/0 treble hooks. Tie an 18 inch piece of 15 pound mono to each hook. (DO NOT TIE LOOPS IN THE ENDS!!!) I make at least 50 You can use anything as bait, depending on what you want to catch. When you are ready to fish, tie a loop in one of your 18 inch leaders and snap it on. If your hook happens to get caught in the rocks...(If you just tossed it in, leave it snagged for a minute or two and a Fish may hit the bait and pull it free.)...Just pull back and pop the line! all you will loose is the hook and a little piece of string. Tie a loop in another one of your pre-tied leaders, snap it on and in seconds you're fishing again.

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